Drew Divelbliss, Owner, Technician/ Tattoo Removal Specialist

About Us

Dr. David A. Celko, M.D., Medical Director.  Dr. Celko has been practicing medicine throughout Pittsburgh for over 30 years and has an outstanding reputation as a caring, genuine and knowledgeable healthcare professional.    

Lauren Divelbliss is a licensed cosmetologist/ laser technician with a particular love for skin care which translated to her focus on beautifying the skin with effective laser and IPL treatments.  As a mom she fully understands the need to stay healthy which is why she believes so much in the noninvasive procedures she offers.  Also as a mom, she knows how hard it is to find the time to get herself together and stay looking rested, even though there is no such thing as a "well rested mom."  Quick pick-me-up photofacials are her go-to, "mom must haves!"    

Drew Divelbliss, being a tattoo lover himself, understands that sometimes people outgrow their ink.  Because of this, he has dedicated his studies to focus on becoming the tattoo removal specialist that he is today in addition to being a laser technician.  Drew knows that to be the best at what he does he has to know everything about his craft including how his machine works inside and out.

Lauren Divelbliss, Owner, Cosmetologist / Aesthetician / Technician

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