What is photo rejuvenation? 

Skin rejuvenation (or photo rejuvenation) is a safe, easy and quick way to reduce complexion flaws, providing you with smoother, healthier, younger- looking skin.  Photorejuvenation can be used not only on the face but all over the body!  Skin rejuvenation can be used to eliminate the following:


  -Pigmentation (age spots, sun damage)

   -Rosacea (redness of cheeks and face)

   -Hemangioma (red birthmark or raised red cluster of blood   vessles

   -Enlarged Pores

How Does it Work?

  Filtered energy from different parts of the light spectrum is pulsed I'm precise dosages through a hand piece to the targeted area.  The levels of energy can be adjusted to your individual skin condition to maximize your results.  The light energy is absorbed by the pigment or by the blood (in rosacea and hemangioma) and it is converted to heat.  The heat dissolves the cells or tiny veins that created the problem and the dead cells or disabled veins slough off and disappear.

  Treatments take about 15- 30 minutes.  There is no significant discomfort during or following treatment.  Best results usually require a series of 2-4 treatments. depending on the area and the condition of the skin.

Typically, several treatments will be necessary to achieve complete clearance of pigmentation, rosacea, and hemangiomas.  Improvements will continue to increase cumulatively with each treatment.

How does tattoo removal work?

  Laser tattoo removal is the safest and quickest treatment available to remove an unwanted tattoo.  Tattoo removal creams simply do not work and microdermabrasion only removes the outermost layer of the skin.  Laser tattoo removal is the least likely to damage your skin with the greatest results.  Our laser targets the ink within the tattoo and break up the pigment of the tattoo with a high- intensity light beam.  The body then slowly breaks and absorbs the pigment.  Tattoos fade after each treatment as the laser breaks down the body's lymphatic system removes the ink.  Over the course of a series of sessions, the targeted tattoo will gradually fade.  Once the tattoo has been successfully removed the result is permanent.

Tattoo Removal FAQ's

  The color used to create your tattoo also has an impact on how easy or difficult it will be to remove.  A tattoo made with many different colors is usually more difficult to remove than a tattoo made with just one color.  Some ink colors are more difficult to remove than others also.  Black, red, dark orange and dark blue tattoos are the easiest to remove.  Green, purple, brown, light orange, light blue, yellow and green colors may require more visits.

  Tattoo lasers are designed to penetrate deeply enough to attack the color particles of the ink, but not so deeply as to create permanent tissue damage or other residual reminders of the tattoo you are trying to remove.

  We can also fade part of tattoo if you are interested in getting a new tattoo where another tattoo already exists.

New Age Laser Aesthetics

Restore your youthful glow and beautiful complexion by treating yourself to one of our many services that target your anti- aging desires.  Allow us to reverse the visual effects of aging with our wrinkle removing photo facial, skin plumping laser facial, skin renewing tattoo removal, and skin baring hair removal to name a few.  In a world obsessed with youth and beauty, keeping up with the latest treatments can be costly and time consuming.  Our mission at New Age Laser Aesthetics is to make available the benefits of cosmetic laser treatments to everyone by providing the latest procedures at an incredibly affordable price.  We will restore your youthful complexion with our noninvasive procedures that are near painless and don't require you to waste a sick day to recover! 


Failure to cancel your appointment 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will result in a $25 fee that will be added to your next appointment's total.

Rather than having to fly to California and spend over $3,500 on laser treatments like this Real Housewife, schedule today for a skin rejuvenation treatment and walk away with a beautiful, smooth complexion!  

Common Questions:


You can spend thousands of dollars and pump toxins into your face or get sliced and diced... or you can spend a small fraction of that to achieve the same effect while allowing your body to rejuvenate itself without any recovery time!

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